A nine-piece experimental poster series.

EGYD is a nine-piece experimental poster series by graphic designer Lukas Haider and 3D artist Georg Fasswald. The different artworks are a mashup of unconstrained 3D Elements, playful typography and energetic color palettes. Each poster is printed on an A2 (594×420) sheet of 150g offset paper and limited to an edition of 50.


Editorial design for the publication Porträt Mensch from German artist Günther Uecker.

On the occasion of the 85th birthday of Günther Uecker, the Friends of the Staatliches Museum Schwerin initiated an academic symposium on the work of the artist. In addition to a festive lecture by Friedhelm Mennekes, ten international scholars consider Günther Uecker’s œuvre from different angles. The eleven essays collected in this book point a vivid picture of the life and work of Günther Uecker both as an artist and a person. Work done while employed by GREAT. The book is purchasable here.


Branding for Ciabatta, an Austrian bakery based in Bregenz.

This bakery derives its name from its signature product, Italian ciabatta bread. The colored texture of the bread is incorporated as a design element and is visible as an aspect of their identity, along with stories about their baked goods and production. Logo, claim, texture, and the letter “C” as a branding element are used either subtly or with emphasis, according to the medium and desired use. Work done while employed by GREAT.


Web design for the contemporary art publisher Verlag für Moderne Kunst.

The expansion of Verlag für Moderne Kunst’s product range lead to a necessary redesign for the book publisher’s new online presence. For the first time, it is possible to not only purchase books, but also limited art editions and beautiful accessories. The design elements clearly separate different product sections by using precisely chosen colors and frames throughout the website. Work done while employed by GREAT. See the live site at


Visual Identity for the Adana Twins new years eve party.

The german DJ-Duo Adana Twins approached me to help them promote their new years eve party in the Riverkasematten, Hamburg. By creating 3D elements that interpret the famous german tradition of lead-pouring a key-visual for the event communication got established. The resulting renderings combined with bold typography create a familiar yet abstract appearance, which were implemented on posters, a teaser video, visuals and stage design. Renderings by Georg Fasswald.


Editorial design for the exhibition catalogue Life-Size from Jana Sterbak.

The first comprehensive retrospective on Czech-Canadian artist Jana Sterbak, Life-Size documents Sterbak’s multifaceted oeuvre of sculpture, performance, photography and film works. Work done while employed by GREAT. The book is purchasable here.

Egyd CI

Corporate Identity for EGYD, a graphic design & 3D studio.

Modest and outstanding, balanced yet differing, repetitive but unified. As a typographic principle for the word mark, steadily increasing spaces and line distances deliver the foundation for the use of text elements. The email address establishes the unconventional form and reveals the domain, the form of the company and the location. To solidify the presence, the studio is committed to the use of minimal yet highly tactile materials like reflective hot foil and ultra black paper. Made in collaboration with Georg Fasswald.

Jonathan Schrøder

Branding & web design for the copywriter Jonathan Schrøder.

The belly is round. The belly is thick. The belly is thin. The belly is full of butterflies. The belly is sometimes full of leeks. The belly says no. The belly says yes. The belly makes everything wonderful. Jonathan Schrøder is a German copywriter who trusts his gut feeling. The abovementioned text got interpreted, visualized and animated in various styles and builds the key-visual for Jonathans website. The resulting visual explorations were combined with modest typography throughout different printing materials like posters, business cards and post cards. Renderings by Georg Fasswald. See the live site at


Branding and web design for a wooden clothes valet by architect Otto Gahleitner.

Designer and architect Otto Gahleitner reinterpreted the traditional dumb waiter. In this respect, the whole branding and visual appearance including website, brochure, business cards, and branding iron was created. Work done while employed by GREAT.

All Night

Visual Identity for the international event series AII NIIGHT.

The task was to create an adaptive, easy to implement and coherent identity that differs from the main visual language but still appears related. I came up with a flexible typographic system in combination with a set of animated black and white textures. The created visual identity can be found as posters outside, throughout social media and in the venue as animated visualisations. Made in collaboration with Georg Fasswald.

Gasser Partner

Rebranding for Gasser Partner, one of the leading law firms of Liechtenstein.

Clear Typography, a vivid color scheme and a sharp pictorial world make Gasser Partner well prepared for the future. Work done while employed by GREAT. Portraits by Darko Todorovic.

Ling Jian

Editorial design for the latest publication from Chinese painter Ling Jian.

The magnificent appearance of the book’s cover, a result of gold foil stamping and linen cover, tempt one to explore the publication further. Reduced editorial design elements inside the book allow for a clear focus on the essential content – Ling Jian’s paintings. Work done while employed by GREAT. The book is purchasable here.


Branding for Römerstraße, a famous shopping street in Bregenz.

Shop owners of the exclusive shopping street Römerstraße demanded a common look and feel which strengthens the overall appearance but maintains their own identities. Golden and parallel running stylized street lines encompass the involved companies while the created logo in combination with a signet additionally frames the brand communication. Based on these design elements, large flags decorate the street and elegantly produced shopping bags attract the visitors attention. On the shopping windows, the logo in combination with individual claims creates brand affiliation. Work done while employed by GREAT.

Adana Twins

Visual Identity for the german DJ-duo Adana Twins.

What started as an assignment for a small set of animated backgrounds for the Adana Twins live performances turned out to become a redesign of their visual identity and a continuous set of six hour long visuals. Based on their existing logo, simple shapes were extracted and combined with a multitude of animated 3D-textures to create alternating rhythmic patterns. A coherent branding was developed based on the combination of serif and sans-serif typography, a flexible grid system and easy implementation. Made in collaboration with Georg Fasswald. Logo by VSM Studio.

Fabian Luttenberger

Several album covers for music producer and sound designer Fabian Luttenberger.

Over the past years, overall design concepts consisting of coherent typography, the use of abstract textures, and the placement of specific objects were developed for the release of EPs, singles, and remixes.

Flush EP

EP Artwork for the Austrian singer-songwriter Attic Giant.

His musical style is characterised by low-fi sounds, toned down vocals and a melancholic atmosphere. Based on these attributes 3D rendered photogenic sceneries for each song were created and combined with modest typography throughout the different parts of the EP. Renderings by Georg Fasswald.

Adana Night

Poster series for the regularly held event: Adana Night at Villa Nova (ex-EGO).

The task was to create a flexible and coherent poster layout that reflects attributes of the invited artists. Simple typography was combined with playful geometric shapes inspired by outlines of the participating artists’ home country. Furthermore, the use of textures and mood-related colors give every single poster an individual yet clearly recognizable visual appearance.